Fraud Blocker Performance Testing - Team Elite Physio, Hampton, Melbourne

Performance Testing

VALD performance testing software provides us with quantitative data on strength, stability and movement of a variety of joints. At Team Elite Health, we have 3 different VALD performance testing devices:

  • Force Decks
  • Force Frame
  • NordBord

Force Decks

ForceDecks allow us to accurately measure the amount of force generated/produced in real time, measure between limb differences and imbalances between sides of the body during a range of various movements. These include jumping, landing, squatting, pushing, pulling and more;

Countermovement Jump
Countermovement Jump – Loaded
Abalakov Jump
Single Leg Jump
Squat Jump
Squat Jump – Loaded
Drop Jump
Single Leg Drop Jump
Land and Hold
Single Leg Land and Hold
Hop Test
Hop and Return
Single Leg Hop Test

Shoulder Movements
Isometric Shoulder I-Y-T

Isometric Strength Tests
Custom Isometric Test (Eg. Seated and standing calf raise)
Single Limb Isometric Test
Isometric Mid Thigh Pull (IMTP)
Isometric Squat Hold

Quiet Stand/Balance
Single Leg Stand
Single Leg Range of Stability
General Force-Time Analysis

Squat Assessment
Single Leg Squat Assessment
Push Up


At Team Elite Health, By using the ForceDecks, it allows us unparalleled insights into neuromuscular performance, asymmetries and movement strategies utilized during the above tests.

It also allows us to accurately screen these movement strategies, analyze and correct limb asymmetries, test and retest for performance gains and objectively provide an injury risk screening for jumping landing and cutting sports such as Football, Soccer, Netball, Basketball and more.

Not only are the ForceDecks useful for injury risk screening athletes however they play an important role and return to sport post injury, allowing us to ensure athletes have undergone sufficient rehab and are ready to return to sport.

Force Frame

At Team Elite Health, utilizing the VALD ForceFrame, we can accurately and objectively quantify isometric strength assessments in real time to diagnose and assess strength deficits and imbalances that may be attributing to pain, injury and dysfunction.

Often pain is caused by, attributed to or causes a lack of strength and muscle activation around certain regions of the body. With this system we can test isometric strength in upper and lower body including hip, knee, shoulder, ankle and neck muscle groups, providing versatility and accurate measurements that can be used as a bench mark and re assessment tool to measure progress made with our team.

The VALD Force Frame allows us to measure isometric strength at different joints of the body;

Adduction, Abduction, Flexion, Extension, Internal rotation, External rotation

Flexion, Extension

Inversion, Eversion

Flexion, Extension, Lateral flexion

Adduction, Abduction, Flexion, Extension, Internal rotation, External rotation

Exercise Physiology

Nord Board

The NordBord is a fast, easy, accurate and reliable system for monitoring hamstring strength and imbalance.

Using the NordBord strength testing system we can objectively measure and assess hamstring strength at different angles isometrically and eccentrically which can then be used to identify risks for potential hamstring injury or can be used as a measurement to quantify potential imbalances or weaknesses and determine whether an athlete is ready to return to play post hamstring injury and rehab.

Research has been conducted with VALDS, NordBord system and has shown that there is an;