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Team Elite not only offers traditional manual physiotherapy treatments for all ages but in addition, it is equipped with state of the art advanced strength and conditioning machines from the USA. These medical strengthening machines allows for children to develop the strength, recover from injuries and prevent injuries in a safe and supervised environment. It is giving kids the fundamental physical and emotional skills to participate in a range of athletic pursuits.

Such strength and biomechanical training can improve individual performance in nearly any sport with increased strength, power, co-ordination and endurance. Other such improvements include prevention of sports related injuries, strengthening of children’s bones, improvement in children’s confidence and self-esteem.

Early identification and modification of training programs can ensure early return to sport and minimize time lost from sport. By load management and a tailored strength and conditioning program we are able to prevent injuries before they happen in the first place. In regards to injury prevention and strength and conditioning there is no minimum age.

The programs are tailored to the age and physical level of the child, however the child must be of an age and maturity to follow directions and understand the reasons for such exercises. This generally is around the age of 8 however children do develop at different rates both physically, mentally and emotionally which is not necessarily linked to their chronological age.

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Our Services

Why to choose us?

Established business from 2015

  • Experienced Team – Our staff are trained and experienced in a variety of sporting and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Friendly service - Our staff will always be willing to help and go above and beyond to provide the best outcome possible
  • State of the art facility – Equipped with state of the art strength testing, training and recovery equipment
  • Flexible Availability – We are open and available late nights and weekends
  • Team Elite Physio
    Experienced Team

    Our staff are trained and experienced in a variety of sporting and musculoskeletal injuries.

  • Team Elite Physio
    Friendly Service

    Our staff will always be willing to help and go above and beyond to provide the best outcome possible.

  • Team Elite Physio
    Flexible Availability

    We are open and available late nights and weekends.

  • Team Elite Physio
    State of the Art Facility

    Equipped with state of the art strength testing, training and recovery equipment.

Meet Our Team

Teniele Holmes is an ex-international and AIS athlete that has experience in the professional sporting environment with over 10 years of biomechanical and sports coaching behind her. Teniele has established herself as a leading adolescent physiotherapist with a focus on biomechanical training and injury prevention. Teniele chose to double her physiotherapy degree with Exercise science in order to pursue her passion of keeping kids injury free and giving them the core biomechanical skills to succeed at sport.

Johnny graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Physiotherapy Practice with an extreme passion for diagnosing and treating sporting injuries in adolescents. With a passion for improving pain and function with his patients Johnny went on to complete a Masters of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) and is a qualified ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach. Johnny has a sporting background in soccer and martial arts with experience in working with multiple soccer clubs across Melbourne such as Melbourne City FC. He has also spent time abroad in Cambodia to promote better health outcomes for children living with disabilities. Johnny hopes to provide the best outcomes in patients to excel in not only sport but all aspects of life.

Ashleigh graduated with a double degree in Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University and brings a strong understanding of sports and rehabilitation to the clinic. Ashleigh has a keen interest in sports Physiotherapy with experience in both NPL Soccer and VAFA leagues. She also has a sporting background in basketball, having played for many years in local and club teams. Having experience at the Royal Children’s hospital, Ashleigh is particularly passionate about addressing injuries in children and adolescents, helping educate them and their families to achieve the best outcomes possible. Ashleigh shows care and consideration for all of her patients and works collaboratively with them throughout treatment.

Luke completed a Bachelor of Exercise science followed by a Masters of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University. In doing this Luke has an excellent understanding and the skills required to manage clients through the whole rehabilitation process from acute injury, to gym based strength and conditioning back to returning to sport with a particular focus on exercise prescription, load management and tailoring programs to the demands of the athlete. Luke has grown up in a sporting environment with a background in football. Luke has a special interest and passion for sports Physiotherapy and has been involved with NPL clubs. Luke has also undergone international study in Vietnam working with adolescents and children living with disabilites to improve their quality of life and help to overcome daily challenges.

Drew is an experienced Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist and consults on all sporting and musculoskeletal conditions. He has completed a Doctor of Physiotherapy and Master of Sports Physiotherapy where he developed a special interest in lower limb injuries. Drew enjoys helping his clients manage their pain and improve their function and performance. Drew has been working in the sporting realm for quite some time and is currently the Head Physiotherapist for FC Bulleen Lions NPL Women’s team. His previous experience also includes time spent working at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, with Volleyball Australia overseas and with Melbourne University Blacks Football Club. In addition, Drew holds memberships with the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Sports Medicine Australia and the Victorian Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy Committee, where he assists with planning and teaching sports physiotherapy professional development courses.

Steph has completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Doctor of Physiotherapy degree from the University of Melbourne. She is a qualified ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning coach with experience in the senior VAFA and NPL soccer leagues, where she values evidence-based rehabilitation. Steph is committed to helping children and adolescents achieve their sporting goals with volunteer work at Starlight Children’s Foundation and Fitzroy Lions Soccer Club, advocating sports accessibility for children residing in public housing. Steph’s personal background in representative basketball alongside her interests in hiking and gym have given her a genuine desire to help people of all ages return to the activities that they love. Steph will commence full time work and be available to book from February 2024.

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