How can it benefit your child?

Regular participation in both resistance training has a proven range of benefits:

  • Improved bone mineral density
  • Improved skeletal health
  • Improved muscular strength and endurance
  • Positive psychological health
  • Enhanced cardiovascular endurance
  • Enhanced cardiovascular endurance
  • 50% reduction in sport-related injuries

Team Elite Children’s Programs aim to provide a positive environment for children and teens to develop and improve their physical activity skills with a strong focus on injury prevention.

Drawing on clinical experience and evidence based practice, our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists provide tailored exercise programs to meet every child’s needs.

Participation into our program is open to any child or teen who:

  • Has been diagnosed with a musculoskeletal, motor learning or behavioural, metabolic or other juvenile condition
  • Faces difficulty performing physical activity at an age appropriate level
  • Lacks the confidence and/or skills to perform activity with peers
  • Requires guidance recovering from a surgical operation
  • Suffers from pain post-exercise
  • Wants to prevent any injuries
  • Is looking to take their sport to the next level

Where do I start?

Prior to entry into our programs, your child will be required to attend a 60 minute physiotherapy assessment. All children are formally assessed using an age standardised movement assessment including gross motor skills, strength and fitness variables. This assessment can be scheduled at a variety of times throughout the week, including after school hours and on the weekend.

Your child will then commence either an individual or group program based on assessment findings and parent/child preference.

Groups cater to a variety of ages and athletic abilities, from beginners to elite athletes.

All sessions are claimable on private health insurance.

Session Types

Rehabilitation sessions can have one of three focuses:

  1. Strength and Conditioning – Completed at our Hampton Street rehabilitation centre, these sessions involve machine-based strength training as well as dynamic functional exercises for whole body strengthening.
  2. Biomechanical and Gait Training – Completed primarily at Dendy Park (Brighton) these sessions involve coordination, agility, power and speed exercises. Our practitioners help your child to perfect their running and walking style.
  3. Deep Water Running – Popular for those children or teens unable to weightbear due to fractures or post-operatively, these sessions allow children to maintain cardiovascular fitness whilst keeping bone and muscular strain to a minimum These are completed primarily at Waves Leisure Centre (111 Chesterville Rd, Highett VIC 3190)
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